APFFA Working Groups

The Hip Fracture Registry Working Group (HFRWG)

The Hip Fracture Registry Working Group (HFRWG) will lead the development of the following three projects:

  • Asia Pacific Hip Fracture Registry (HFR) Toolbox, outlining key steps for the establishment and roll out of a national hip fracture registry.
  • Report on hip fracture epidemiology and outcomes across Asia Pacific designed to frame the problems facing the region and outline APFFA- related projects as a component of the solution to those issues.
  • Feasibility study on establishment of hip fracture registries in specific countries to scope the costs and practicalities of establishing new hip fracture registries in specific countries throughout Asia Pacific.

The Education Working Group (EWG)

The Education Working Group (EWG) will develop educational programmes to maximise awareness of systematic approaches to fragility fracture care and prevention in Asia Pacific, by

  • Identifying healthcare professional audiences related to three specific clinical pillars (acute care, secondary fracture prevention and rehabilitation)

    1. Those involved in the acute care of people who sustain hip, clinical vertebral and other major fragility fractures.
    2. Those who are well-placed to deliver secondary fracture prevention.
    3. Those involved in the post- acute care of people whose ability to function is impaired by hip and other major fragility fractures.
  • Defining educational objectives specific to these three audiences.

  • Identifying existing resources available to each audience.

  • Promoting new resources developed by the Education Working Group and other APFFA working groups to support these audiences.

The Evidence Generation Working Group (EGWG)

The Evidence Generation Working Group (EGWG) have prioritised three research topics in collaboration with Amgen. Through the use of the Amgen multi-modality real- world experience platform, real-world data will be collected on the following:

  • Hip fracture chart review: A multi-country hospital chart review to describe the Asian hip fracture patient and their outcomes.
  • Global burden of hip fracture: A global study that will include Australia, China, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. The study will describe the incidence of hip fractures (up to 10 years), treatment patterns, outcomes and mortality.
  • Changing patterns of osteoporosis therapy in Asia Pacific: Patterns of osteoporosis treatment after hip fracture will be assessed as part of the global hip fracture study.
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