ANZHFR Lecture 11: Bone Protection Medication Upon Discharge

Hip Fracture Care Clinical Care Standard, Quality Statement 3- Orthogeriatric Model of Care.

Join Prof Jacqui Close, co-chair of ANZHFR for a Q & A with Dr Bianca Wong, Geriatrician from the Lyell McEwin Hospital, South Australia. Dr Bianca Wong discusses how they are able to achieve a high rate of initiating osteoporosis medication at her hospital.



World-first Hip Fracture Registry Toolbox striving to improve care for the 1 million+ who fracture a hip in Asia Pacific each year

Stem cells therapy or cell treatment and biology as a multicellular embryonic concept or adult organismas a symbol for cellular therapies as a 3D illustration.

Managing osteoporosis in haematologic stem cell transplant recipients

Standing Tall

Home-based balance exercise training app proven to prevent falls

Senior woman visiting the doctor in his office. Doctor explaining spine problem to her using a bone model.

Accessing & managing patients at very high risk of osteoporotic fracture

asian doctor explaining health condition to a senior patient

Osteoporosis liaison services – closing the gap in osteoporosis and fragility fracture care

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