Capture the Fracture Educational Slide Kit

Facilitate the implementation of coordinated, multi-disciplinary models of care for secondary fracture prevention.

This three-part educational slide set for use by healthcare professionals to help foster knowledge and stimulate interest in Fracture Liaison Services and Capture the Fracture at their local hospitals or among healthcare authorities.


Doctor using electronic pen on  digital tablet, reviewing  medical record wrting prescription on digital document with hospital background, Electronic medical record system, health and technology, telemedicine concept

Identifying quality indicators for hip fracture care


COVID-19 and its impact on the treatment of osteoporosis and fragility fractures

Surgeons doing surgery in operating theatre.

Hip fractures – when not to operate and when to palliate

3d rendered medically accurate illustration of a broken spine

A case for DXA vertebral fracture assessment in Fracture Liaison Services

Chane pic

Establishing a comprehensive fragility fracture care program

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