Capture the Fracture® Partnership – Guidance for Policy Shaping

Four simple building blocks form an effective policy response which has been shown to improve patient outcomes, save money and save lives.

A toolkit which addresses the policy needs of secondary fracture prevention, explains the need for Post-Fracture Care (PFC) Coordination Programs, and provides a step-by-step policy guide to design and evaluate PFC Coordination Programs in hospitals and health systems throughout the world.


Co-author, Professor Takeshi Sawaguchi, Toyama Municipal Hospital, Japan

Hip fracture multi-modal care breaking new ground in Japan

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Snapshot of the global landscape of PFC programs

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Looking down the 10-year pipeline for bone fractures

APFFA- Rehabilitation

New review of the global approach to rehabilitation following an osteoporotic fragility fracture

APFFA Jan 2022

Anti-osteoporotic treatments and mortality after hip fractures: A spotlight on Taiwan

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