Orthogeriatrics: The Management of Older Patients with Fragility Fractures

There is a need for coordinated, multi-disciplinary models of care to achieve the best outcomes for patients with fragility fractures.

Open access book providing essential, practical knowledge on how best to manage fractures in elderly patients and how to develop clinical systems that do so reliably. Attention is given on how to provide best practice in countries where the discipline of geriatric medicine is not well-established and resources for secondary prevention are scarce.


Co-author, Professor Takeshi Sawaguchi, Toyama Municipal Hospital, Japan

Hip fracture multi-modal care breaking new ground in Japan

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Snapshot of the global landscape of PFC programs

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Looking down the 10-year pipeline for bone fractures

APFFA- Rehabilitation

New review of the global approach to rehabilitation following an osteoporotic fragility fracture

APFFA Jan 2022

Anti-osteoporotic treatments and mortality after hip fractures: A spotlight on Taiwan

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